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In  1989, in Barre, VT., the "Granite Capital Of The World," Gayle Cormier founded EVERLASTING® STONE PRODUCTS, reputed to be the world's premier designer and manufacturer of monumental products for the living, as well as the deceased. In June of 1999 Gayle expanded into new endeavors by adding her VERMONT MEMORIALSTM online store to the EVERLASTING®STONE online store. The companies are recognized for their expertise in paying the highest tribute to pets, both alive and deceased, and feature pet monuments, urns, and caskets for pets. As a result of consumer demand, this online store will be continually adding new photos of stone monumental products created by EVERLASTING® STONE for clients, like granite coffee tables, marble birdbaths, and artwork by famous sculptors.

In July of 2008, Gayle and her family relocated to warmer climates, and the business transitioned seamlessly to long-time associates who also possess decades of experience in the granite industry.

Gayle moved to Vermont in 1980, and shortly afterward suffered the loss of the family dog. After her husband stayed up half the night building a casket for the pet, she realized they didn't have a way to mark the grave. Gayle decided that the unique stonecutting resources of the region, along with her skills as an artist, would allow her to offer a quality memorial stone at very reasonable prices.

Everlasting Stone doesn't sell mass-produced memorials: every stone sold is personally designed by Gayle and some world-class stonecutters, including sculptor Eric Oberg and etcher Ed Epstein. Most of the memorials, of course, are for departed dogs and cats, but they've also made stones for llamas, horses, birds, tigers, fish, gerbils, and the occasional hermit crab. And, yes, also for people. Some customers have been so impressed with the pet stones that they've asked Everlasting Stone to create memorials for their human loved ones.

The company ships all over the U.S. and to foreign countries. Not too many years ago, Gayle made a monument for Farley, the English Sheepdog of a well-known comic strip. Farley's real-life alter-ego passed away, and the strip's Canadian author chose to reflect his passing in the comic.

Gayle told us about some unusual orders. "One of our customers kept calling me on the phone to say, 'I liked the last stone so much I'd like to order another one.' Each stone she ordered was fancier than the last. I told her I'd be happy to fill the orders, but I was concerned that, being a senior citizen, she might not have enough money to keep ordering stones: you see, this was the sixth one she'd ordered. 'Don't worry about me,' she said, 'I have the resources to do this. Besides, I have a lot of neighbors' "

Gayle explained, "She was such a pet lover that she was getting stones not only for her own pets, but for all her neighbors' pets as well. She was saddened that so many were buried in their owners' yards without markers.

"She sends me pictures of the yard settings," said Gayle. "And they're pretty elaborate. Just last week she ordered another stone for her first cat -- who was born in 1926 and died in 1942!"

EVERLASTING STONE's most popular memorials include indoor bronze urns and outdoor granite vaults for cremated remains, the 5"X10" "Ginger" memorial, and the 6"X12" "Hercules." Lately, says Gayle, the larger "J.J." stone has gained in popularity.

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Everlasting Stone is a socially-responsible business, with part of all profits going to non-profit charitable organizations.

Everlasting Stone maintains a small show plot where you can see the memorials at it's manufacturing facility at 2 Granite Street in the capital city of Montpelier, Vermont. An advanced phone call is appreciated.


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